Infinite Scents Cologne Samples for Men: 10 Designer Fragrances + Pocket-Sized Pouch – Travel-Size Sampler Set, Sample Pack Gift Set


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Sensational Cologne Sampler: Make a statement with the Cologne Sample Set from Infinite Scents. The power of scent is undeniable, with studies indicating how it affects mood and is inextricably linked to memory. Infinite Scents’ cologne sampler aims to help you smell good and feel great by awakening the senses through scent with an assortment of carefully curated fragrances. The mens cologne sample pack comprises authentic designer brands and critically-acclaimed fragrances curated by cologne industry aficionados. Samples range from 0.02 to 0.06 ounces. The mens cologne sample pack also includes a deluxe carrying case to ensure the most convenient cologne-wearing experience for you, so the right smell is never out of reach. The case is compact enough to carry around or stow away in a small compartment, and spacious enough to safely and securely hold your vials. Feel free to stash the travel bag in a backpack, keep in your car, or neatly organize at home to be ready for any occasion. Our team of experts thoughtfully curated these 10 fragrances in our cologne sampler set with the intention of your pleasure. Utilizing years of industry experience, the team at Infinite Scents strategically selects diverse scents that represent a variety of fragrance families so you can sample the best scents of all types before investing in a whole bottle. The perfect gift for him, because every man should have a robust selection of colognes to choose from for everyday wear and special events. Infinite Scents’ sampler set makes for an ideal gift for the man in your life. No matter the cause for celebration, you can be rest assured that your contribution will be appreciated and put to good use with our sample assortment of designer colognes.

Perfume vials DO NOT come filled to the top. Please be rest assured that the liquid inside each vial is true to the specified volume of perfume listed on its packaging.CURATED COLOGNE SAMPLER: Leave a lasting impression with our diverse selection of 10 confidence-boosting colognes. Sample size perfume vials range from 0.02 oz. to 0.05 oz. and arrive with a deluxe carrying case.AUTHENTIC DESIGNER BRANDS: Experiment with a variety of 10 unique scents–best-selling fragrances from luxury designer brands–to help you find your favorite. Note: Specific fragrances vary according to availability.DELUXE CARRYING CASE: For your convenience, the cologne sample set includes a sleek and stylish carrying pouch so you can neatly organize the travel-friendly vials at home or carry them on the go for a quick spritz of confidence whenever you need.HAND-PICKED BY INDUSTRY EXPERTS: Unlike competitors who select their colognes seemingly at random, ours have been hand-picked by our team with years of industry experience to ensure the highest possible quality collection of colognes for you to try.THE PERFECT GIFT for him: The ultimate present or stocking stuffer for your husband, boyfriend, brother, son or male friend, our cologne sampler sets make for a perfect gift for the man in your life on birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays.

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