Cupid Touch Cologne,Cupid Men’s Cologne, Cupid Hypnosis Cologne, Refreshing Men’s Cologne


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Product Name: Gold P_h_e romone Perfume Features: Made with natural high-quality essential oils, wild fragrance, specially designed formula! It doesn’t just make you smell good! Long lasting fresh fragrance. Vasotsm Gold P_h_e romone Perfume, full of sunny charm, enhances the wearer’s self-confidence, and shortens the distance between each other Perfume specification: 50ml Ingredients: Plant extracts. This product is for external use only, not for internal use. It should be placed in a cool and dry place at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. Package Quantity: 1 * Gold P_h_e romone Perfume

[Refreshing Sunshine Fragrance] The rich citrus fragrance and cool mint fragrance bring a burst of freshness, release your confidence, enhance your self-confidence, and leave an unforgettable impression.[Release youthful charm] Cupid Hypnosis Cologne exudes a youthful and masculine atmosphere. Come and let them fall in love with the youthful charm of Cupid Hypnosis Cologne!【Natural Herbal Woody Fragrance】Natural woody base and aromatic notes add depth and sophistication to Cupid Men’s Cologne that will leave you spellbound.【Long-lasting Fragrance】Ensure that the charming fragrance stays with you all day long, enhancing the affinity between each other and allowing Cupid Men’s Cologne to stay on your skin for a long time.【Wide Application】Suitable for any occasion, can be used in offices, conference rooms and workplaces, from formal to casual.

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