LINSETING Cupid Charm Toilette for Men (Pheromone-Infused) – Cupid Hypnosis Cologne Fragrances for Men (1Bottle)


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Attraction with Building Comfort Enhance Natural Pheromone Levels Selfie & Crushy Imprinting Effects Release your Subtle Effects Long-lasting Effect Specifications: Ingredients: Lemon, Mint, Grape Fruit, Ginger, Ambergris, Jasmine, Cedar, Labdanum Net content: 50ml Package Inclusion: 1/2/3 x Cupid Charm Toilette for Men (with Pheromones)

【Cupid Colognes】Cupid Colognes is refined from natural high-quality essential oils and has been proven to be weak. This is a specially designed formula! Cupid cologne doesn’t just make you smell great! The recipe is spot on and the results are amazing!【Release Youthful Charm】 Cupid Men’s Cologne exudes a youthful and masculine atmosphere. Come and let them fall in love with the youthful charm of Cupid’s Cologne!【Natural Herbal Woody Fragrance】Natural woody base notes and aromatic notes add depth and sophistication to Cupid Men’s Cologne that will leave you spellbound.【Long-lasting Fragrance】Ensure that the charming fragrance stays with you all day long, enhancing the affinity between each other and allowing Cupid Men’s Cologne to stay on your skin for a long time.【Convenient and easy to use】 When you spray the perfume on your neck, the perfume will naturally breathe into the other person’s nose with the air. If you stick it behind your ear, it feels even more magical in your hand. It can also be added to shampoo, and skin care products.

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